About Us

Our vision is to build a connected future.

Who we are?


anaraat has the Complete Solutions that fulfils your organization’s IT needs. Today’s corporate battles are fought in boardrooms, with the help of information, where the strategic edge is more on the swift availability of precise information to the top management. If being the pack leader is your goal, then Biztech has the solution your company was dreaming of. Biztech, from the famous and world-renowned Biztech has gained the reputation of providing some of the best services and solutions in varied sectors like IT, ERP, Telecom, Low Current and Electrical. We follow the client-centric model that makes provision for focus, commitment as well as a dedicated team for helping the clients in achieving their business objectives. For employees and consultants, we offer an enriching experience through which lifelong learning and career growth is promoted.

Our Vision

To be a prominent Industrial and Services Group with growing influence in Global Markets.

Our Mission

Manaraat is dedicated to provide solutions and services to clients for meeting their business goals and IT challenges. We deliver asset based and highly responsive business solutions that help in bridging the execution gaps of clients through a culture of shared commitments and collaboration. By doing so, a dynamic environment of advancement, growth and learning is created for employees along with accelerated value for clients and significant returns for stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Customer and Excellence
  • Community and Prosperity
  • Innovation and Change
  • Leadership and Prudence

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